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SBS BC provides process improvement project to steel factory in Perth

In mid 2022, SBS BC was engaged to provide advices for a steel factory in Perth to improve its current factiry processes, including, but not limited to, production process, inventory procedures, delivery process, material management system, and coating process. The project required 6 months of intensive onsite works to investtigate, redesign, and re-engineer current processes at the factory of the steel factory.

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After series of meeting with senior managers of the factory, and loads of interviews with line managers and front line employees of the Company, a master plan was developed with key deliverables. The project team included 3 consultants from SMS BC, 2 senior managers and 5 line managers of the Company.

After 6 months of dedicated works, operational efficiency of the Company is expected to improve significatly, of which profuction capacity increases by 165%, trasnsmission time among processes reduces by 12 minutes per cycle, and materials is so well-managed that the total time of a production circle is reduced by 6 minutes. Consequently, operational profit is targeted to increase by 36% in the following year (2023), 26% in 2024, and keeps at the same in 2025.