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Services for micro-enterprises

We help you in all aspects of your micro business, including but not limited to:

  1. Business strategic planning;
  2. Financial planing and expenses management;
  3. Marketing and sales optimisation;
  4. Corporate branding;
  5. Human Resources development and retention;




Distinguishing Between a Micro Business and a Small Business - Building  Your Website - Strikingly

Our business advisors have extensive expertise in different industries, which can be helpful when putting together a marketing plan. They have better understanding of maximising profits and minimising expenses. For example, a business advisor will know what the most successful companies in an industry are doing that makes them so profitable. This information can help small businesses learn from their peers’ mistakes and become more successful.

With all of these benefits, micro business owners will find that working with a SBS BC business advisors can help drive success and growth, making it easier to reach bigger goals and achieve more than before.