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Systematising YOUR SUCCESS! 

Best fitted management solutions

SBS Business Consultancy always strives its best to figure out management problems and issues in your company in order to recommend optimised solutions to maximise its potentials within the available recourses.

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Investment Consultancy

Provide customised investment solutions to maximise your earning potentials.

Management Consultancy

Diagnose and investigate your current management shortcomings, then support you build and implement an intensive plan to reach your desired growth targets.

Corporate Training

Offer tailor-made training programs for your company with fully adaptive training materials and curriculums. 

Why choose SBS BC?


"SBS Consultants" are proactive, well-experienced, and dedicated professionals with dynamic working experiences in different industries.


SBS BC matches its advices with appropriate implementation plans to make sure all recommended solutions are successfully delivered.

Right person - job

SBS Business Consultancy (SBS BC) always offers the right person for the right job to ensure the best outcomes for its clients.

Training & Transfers

SBS BC offers intensive trainings to transfer the know-how to its clients.


    Our mission is to support small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs), relevant stakeholders, and wider communities to reach sustainable development goals.

    Our leading experts and consultants will work intensively with your corporate leaders to develop strategic business goals and implementation plans towards a balanced and sustainable future for all stakeholders of the company.

    Successful stories & more...!

    Hundreds of successful stories from clients from different industries will be the great motivation and inspiration for you to make your own move. 

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    What SBS BC brings to its clients!

    Read and feel the benefits that SBS BC brings to your company. Do not forget to give us a ring or a sentence to get your concerns resolved. 

    1.5 years of working with SBS BC brings us the benefits of almost 15 years of free-style business management practice. SBS BC shows us a more proper way to run our business towards its potentials with minimal wastes and redundancies. 

    Mrs. Tuyen Nguyen
    CEO of SBS INC

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    Our services

    Our services

    Our expertised and qualified business consultants provide intensive advices and consultations to help your business grow by reviewing your current bus...


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